Welcome to my Blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am a freelance writer, living in Berkshire, UK, and I intend to use this site to publish some of my work.  You can find out more about me on the “About” page here.

I look forward to getting to know you!


2 responses to “Welcome to my Blog!

  1. Well done, and off to a well-written start! The wines I buy are not expensive, but they are very good, coming from Australia, South Africa, Chile and Spain. The imports are often less expensive than our domestics and the local store has a monthly newsletter that highlights the wines by region and price. We have several local wineries and they make a fabulous blueberry sparkling wine. Served at the Kennedy inauguration they say!

  2. catherineosborn

    When I was at uni, the only wines worth drinking were French reds and German whites. I remember clubbing together with some friends for a bottle of Liebfraumilch and feeling so sophisticated!

    I also remember drinking a fortified blueberry wine a bit later on. It was quite syrupy – a bit like medicine – and like medicine, you’d only need a couple of teaspoons. The blueberry sparkling wine sounds lovely, will make it my mission to try it one day.

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