A Most Horrible Tale of Murder and Messages from Beyond the Grave.

This post has moved!  You can now find it on my personal blog, catherinemosborn.wordpress.com.


6 responses to “A Most Horrible Tale of Murder and Messages from Beyond the Grave.

  1. Brilliant! Have I told you about the pigeon Mum sent? We were gathered together at my brother’s house a night or two after she’d died when we heard odd noises coming down the chimney. Several hours later we finally managed to detatch the expensive, carefully fitted fireplace (ignoring the warnings saying not to do so) and in fluttered one very stressed pigeon. Mum never did things by halves so, despite being a cynic like yourself, I do like to think she sent the bird. It certainly gave us something else to think about for a few hours!

  2. Love it, you’ve made my extremely dull afternoon extremely not dull.

  3. Its the way you tell ’em Cath.
    I am undecided on this front too but it certainly makes for an entertaining read!

  4. Brilliant! I’m thinking the grandparents were hysterical with laughter. The only question now is, what will they think of next? 🙂

  5. Thank you for your feedback, girls. Sorry for the delay, I’m learning how to be a good blogger, so now I’m atoning for past sins. I have an exciting update on this story, watch this space!

  6. This is interesting and is making me think. i am a cynic. but an optimistic one. I have a suspicion that ghosts and spirits exist and yet i am not convinced. I think like you I would be looking for the rational, trying to not believe.

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